Kingdom Gifts Biblical Resources: Welcome!

This is the first article in a series designed to help you take your Bible study to a new level. There are different styles of Bible study, and a combination of styles can be greatly beneficial. Not everyone learns the same way, so you will want to customize your studies to the methods that work best for you. I will attempt to present the pros and cons of various types …Read the Rest

“Biblical” Humor

February 28, 2014
“Biblical” Humor

OK, there’s no serious intent here- that’s why “Biblical” is in quotes- so don’t go building any doctrine off of …Read the Rest

True Love vs. End Time Love

December 23, 2013
True Love vs. End Time Love

If you’re a true Christian you’ve probably noticed this happening over and over. “The Bible says to be loving and …Read the Rest

A Tip For Reading Longer Biblical Passages

If you’re like me you have difficulty reading straight through a lengthy Bible passage without getting sidetracked and turning to …Read the Rest

12 Reasons Why a Pastor Quit Attending Sporting Events

 The lesson here should be obvious.   12 Reasons Why a Pastor Quit Attending Sporting Events The coach never came …Read the Rest

Dealing With Problems in the Church

A pastor friend had mentioned on social media how some claim to love God but shun the “Church.” I was …Read the Rest

The Immutability of God – Charles H. Spurgeon

The Immutability of God A Sermon (No. 1) Delivered on Sabbath Morning, January 7th, 1855, by the REV. C.H. SPURGEON …Read the Rest

Sandi Patty and Jason Crabb Announce Christmas Tour


National Quartet Convention Coming Up Quickly!

If you like “Southern Gospel” music- whatever that term may mean to you- there is one place to be if …Read the Rest

New Album “Hear My Prayer” Released By Tracy Lynn Cox

Tracy Lynn Cox has released a great new album of ten original songs entitled “Hear My Prayer.” Although the songs …Read the Rest

Father’s Day Message in Song- William Boyd Chisum, That’s What Fathers Do

Boyd was born in West Texas. Due to being premature, he underwent a blood transfusion which was wrongly “cross-matched” causing …Read the Rest

Happy Father’s Day!

June 16, 2012
Happy Father’s Day!

We want to wish all fathers out there a happy Father’s Day! In their honor we would like to present …Read the Rest

Once More, With Conviction: A Hip-Hop Artist Sees Need For New Message

Houston, TX (June 4, 2012): Former Chart-Topping Hip Hop/R&B Crooner J. Long is a Born Again Christian now and no …Read the Rest

Charles Wolff’s Songwriting Notes

This collection of notes was put together by Charles Wolff, based on decades worth of tips and techniques he has …Read the Rest

11th Annual “I Hear Music In The Air” Event

New Artists Added to Cincinnati’s Premier Gospel Celebration: May 18 – 20 Concert to NOW take place at Word of …Read the Rest

2012 GMA Dove Awards Nominations Announced

Tori Taff, wife of and co-writer with Russ Taff, seems a little excited today. Russ’ album,Faroe Islands, that came out …Read the Rest

National Quartet Convention announces the NQC Music Awards

  Louisville, KY – The National Quartet Convention has announced the creation of a brand new awards presentation called the …Read the Rest

Carl Brister Releases Uplifting Version of Mary J. Blige’s “Love No Limit”

New Inspirational Album UNDEFEATED Available Online Now Press release- West Orange, New Jersey (February 7, 2012): Contemporary Gospel Artist/Songwriter Carl …Read the Rest

George Beverly Shea Turns 103!

Today George Beverly “Bev” Shea turned 103! Shea is a beloved Gospel singer and songwriter, holding the record for biggest …Read the Rest

Does your music fit your lyrics?

Many people have argued about various points I’ll make here, but if you’re skeptical, just try this experiment. Listen to, …Read the Rest

The Importance of Vocal Health

Many singers give it little or no thought. If you’ve had much vocal training at all, though, you’ve heard taking …Read the Rest